Day 13 – Poor Man’s Stair Machine


Ok- so today was the day I was going to get some exercise in. My first intention was to go for a good long brisk walk but the snow storm today took that option away. Next I intended to use my free weights in the garage. The day drags on and before I know it I’m cooking dinner for my wife so I figure I’ll lift after dinner. I’m heading to the garage after dinner when I realize that the garage is now full with Deb’s snow covered garage!

My first instinct is to seize onto the fact that I have half an excuse not to do anything now. Guilt overpowers me though and I know I need to come up with another solution. Eureka- the poor mans stair machine!

I live in a condo that includes three flights of stairs, I start at the bottom of the first flight and walk up the three flights and then back down again. My goal was to do that 10 times. By the 6th time I’m wheezing like an asthmatic that can’t find his inhaler! By the eighth time I’m sweating profusely and smelling rather poorly. By the time I finish the 10th rotation I convince myself to go for 12 rotations.

Let me tell you at the end of twelve times up and 12 times down I looked like a fat man who had just walked up and down 36 flights of stairs. It then dawned on me that I looked that way because I was indeed a  fat man who had just walked up and down 36 flights of stairs! I’m not sure how much value there was in that effort but at least I did something today!

9:00 – Egg whites with red hot

11:00 – grapes

1:00 – One of the chicken breasts I had already prepared as per previous post over brown rice with some cashews and steamed brussels sprouts.

3:00- red grapes, green grapes and almonds

6:00 – I felt bad continuing to make Deb follow my regimen as not everyone can eat chicken as much as me and not get sick of it so I prepared his and her entree’s tonight. For her I made baby back ribs. For me for the first time I used whole wheat bread crumbs to coat a chicken breast for baking. I used some egg whites to dip the chicken in and then rolled it in the bread crumbs. I then baked it and it came out very crispy- almost like fried chicken. I would definitely recommend trying the whole wheat bread crumbs! As a side for both of us I sliced up some reg potatoes and microwaved them just enough to start to soften a bit. I then put just a touch of margerine in a frying pan and browned up some garlic. I then laid the potatoes in the pan cooking them just a bit more.

If you haven’t read the previous post about the excellent Oatmeal, Apple Sauce and Blueberry Muffins I made today take a look at it. They are great!

Tomorrow is weigh in #2. Sweating bullets over this one as I don’t think that it’s going to be anywhere near as good as the first!



One Response to Day 13 – Poor Man’s Stair Machine

  1. Cheryl says:

    You’ll do great with weigh-in tomorrow…don’t worry! Great job incorporating exercise.

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