Day 12 – Nikki’s Birthday but no cake for me!


Today was my daughter Nicole’s birthday. Let me start by doing a bit of bragging here. Nicole is the best daughter that any Dad could ever ask for. She is a beautiful, kind and caring person who will forever be my little girl. Best of all she still laughs at my jokes even though she says that they’re stupid. Se will be getting married in May and Mark is a very, very lucky man indeed.

We did have a Carvel ice cream cake for her and it is the first time in my life that I walked away from such an offering.


Today’s menu seemed to have less entries but this is just how the day worked out.

8:30am – Scrambled egg whites with hot sauce

12:30pm – 2 kiwi’s with some GoLean Cereal and fat free milk

2:30pm – angel hair pasta with garlic and olive oil with grilled chicken breast on top

5:00pm – almonds

6:30pm – Caesar Salad with baked chicken on top.

Tomorrow I vow to get back at some exercise as I have really been slacking there. It’s my day off and there is really no excuse otherwise!



2 Responses to Day 12 – Nikki’s Birthday but no cake for me!

  1. Cheryl says:

    Happy birthday Nichole. She’s every bit as lovely on the outside as you’ve described her on the inside. You’re a blessed man to have such a supportive family.

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