Day 11 – Fat Man Food Tip of the Day


Ok- here is the first “I’m Way 2 Fat” food tip from a recovering Hindenburg:

The good news for me is that i love chicken or any type and it will take a long, long time for me to get sick of it. I especially love having a a good healthy piece of chicken breast at lunch while at work. What I have started doing is buying a couple of pounds of chicken breast and trimming all of the fat off of it. I then cut the breasts into smaller pieces and pound them down so that they are the same thickness.

I then heat a very small amount of olive oil in a big frying pan and bring the heat up pretty high. I lay the breast pieces flat in the pan and cook them on each side until they start to brown. Some times I will add a little lemon juice to the pan for a little more flavor. When cooked through I remove the chicken and let it cool. I then out one piece each into a zip lock bad and throw them into the fridge. In the morning I just need to throw the baggie in my food bag and it is ready to go for work. They can also be used at home to mix into salad or however else you want to use them.

Bottom line is it is about a 15 minute effort and you have numerous meal opportunities through the week! See below:


I’ve also take to boiling a dozen eggs on Sunday night and keeping them in a bowl in the fridge. That way there each night before work I just peel one and throw it into a baggie and it’s ready to throw into my feed bag the next morning. See below:


This week I am going to try and pre-prepare oatmeal portions for the week like Adam has instructed. I will likely also try to make one of the healthy muffin recipes that has been posted here as well. I’ll report on those efforts later as well. If you have other tips or recipes please feel free to share them on this site so that we can all benefit from them!

Today’s menu:

4:00am – Two slices of 15 grain toast with a thin spread of peanut butter.

7:15am – Banana

9:35am – Grapes

12:00 – Lunch… Chinese for everyone else but for me I had one of the aforementioned chicken breasts as is, a boiled egg and cashews. It was just about as good as the Chinese food with the exception that I didn’t feel like collapsing with post-Chinese food fatigue after lunch.

2:15pm – just flat out missed that one!

6:00 I had a chicken breast stir fry type of concoction that was quite good- like I said – I like chicken!

I hope all of you are well. I am most excited when I hear that this site may in any way be inspiring others to try to regain their health as well.

Come on Daniel… you can do it!

The end!



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