Day 9 – Falling into a good routine!


Good day to all of you. Thanks for coming back and I do appreciate your support!

4am – I tried the GoLean cereal with fat free milk. The milk tasted like water but that is not a surprise. The cereal was actually quite good and I would recommend it. It definitely has some substance to it!

7am – Almonds and a couple slices of low sodium deli turkey breast.

9am – grapes

11:15 – Lunch- funny how a lunch like this is starting to feel normal and is quite enjoyable! From dinner last night I cooked up an extra chicken breast and ate that plain as is. I also had a boiled egg and some strawberries. You won’t find too many restaurants offering up that combination as a lunch plate!

2:00 – Cashews

6:00 – For dinner I actually had to eat normal people food for fear of losing all assimilation into my family unit! 🙂 I had some lean red meat, corn and a baked potato with light margarine. Anyone know of any other substitute for the margarine? I think that I’ve heard of some butter flavored powder or something like that? Any other ideas are welcome.

General thoughts at the end of day #9:

I am eating well and I can say that I am never hungry. If anything I have to force myself to eat on occasion.

There are infinite possibilities for menu selection if you have plenty of healthy ingredients.

I find that I am very much in the routine now and comfortable with this new eating style.

It does take some preplanning in shopping, preparation, packaging and eating schedule. I do think that is what makes this a successful effort in that for once I am actually thinking about what I am stuffing into my pie hole! No more instinctive eating!

Scared to death thinking ahead to the next weigh-in fearing that week one was a fluke.

For anyone reading this that needs to change their eating habits please take that walk with me.


4 Responses to Day 9 – Falling into a good routine!

  1. Cheryl says:

    Another wonderful day! Don’t dwell too much on weight loss, focus more on changing your lifestyle to a healthy one of great new food and exercise. A lifestyle change that can very well take you into your next 50+ years. Don’t beat yourself up on the weeks that you weigh in only to find it’s not what you expected. Making these new changes in your life and developing new habits will ultimately bring you positive results.

    I’ve tried the powered butter substitutes and found them bland. SmartBalance Light is what I use on everything. (Even my nightly popcorn fix) I only use SmartBalance, olive oil, flax seed or canola. Your body needs the Omega-3’s and 6 oils. One thing I’ve noticed is that you incorporate nuts into your diet to get those essential oils. You may want to try walnuts too but don’t go over 3 nuts a day since they are higher in calories than almonds.

    Here’s the link to the High Fiber Oatmeal Blueberry Muffins:

  2. RAD says:

    You are doing great! I tend to be a naturalist so i use regular no salt butter- just use 1-2 tsp or 2 pats- hydrogenated food with chemicals on the label you cannot pronounce -I stay away from!
    Kashi is great- but tends to give you gas- it is great on yogurt in place of granola- higher in protein and less fat.
    Another good cereal is fiber one or fiber one raisin bran- have with milk and banana-
    low fat cheese sticks are good with 5-6 wheat thins for a snack
    I think your weigh in will go well.
    Do you keep a calander? or make a list of things to do for the day? Add excercise to your calander or list as a “to do item” make an appointment to excercise- just like we keep other important appointment- make one for you health! Be specific-3:00 walk for 30 minutes Tuesday and Thursday -Monday and Wednesday 3:00 -30 minutes of weight training- break it up to 15 minutes of arms and 15 minutes of legs- just starting a routine that is short and staying with it then try to extend your time to 45 minutes and work up to an hour. Set your self up to succeed by not overwhelming yourself or your body!

  3. Suzanne says:

    As you know I’m not on a diet just abstaining from refined white sugar. In my weighing and measuring days however, I found 3 T of peanutbutter on a regular rice cake delicious (PB = 3oz protein). I always used butter (1T fat requirement) but also always faithfully measured it because I love butter. You don’t mention making/eating soup. Homemade soups are fabulous. I like them all year around. They are filling; meet vegetable requirements. I would measure out my grain allowance then add it to the bowl. You will be able to control the salt and even add your measured protein to this serving. I think a meal for me was 2 C. Do you know how many calories you are consumming a day? Did your Doctor or Dietition suggest your daily requirement?
    Good job Chet!!!

  4. Charlene says:

    I found that “substitutes” are usally too far from the original to satisfy. For the baked potato situation, I enjoy a little salsa or non-fat sour cream.

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