Day 8 – You want my dinner!


Back to the work week!

4am – 15 grain toast with a light spread of peanut butter. I know that is a frequent entry in this slot but I love it! I did stop at Shaws on the way home and picked up some Go Lean Crunch to try in the morning with some fat free milk.


7am- Reduced sodium deli turkey slices

9am – Apple

11am – Lunch for me – a small piece of baked chicken breast, two boiled eggs and some strawberries, Kind of a strange combo but that is what came out of the sack and it was good.

2pm – Grapes and cashews,

6pm – It was dinner for just my daughter and I. I had planned a specific recipe but of course didn’t read it in advance and there was part of it that required marinating for six hours- oops! So as is my way I invented it as I went along. I steamed some butternut squash, zucchini, broccoli, red peppers and green peppers. I also made brown whole grain rice. I then flattened some chicken breast and cooked them on just a very small amount of olive oil in a frying pan.  It look so great that I once again had to take a picture of it. It was all good but Nicole wasn’t a fan of the brown rice. She said it could have been the Smart Balance spread I made her try in the rice. For me I don’t add anything to the rice and it just hitches a ride along with the other ingredients when I eat them.

I have definitely found that when you have health ingredients available inthe kitchen you do have a wealth of options for cooking!


As to many of the comments I would like to say that I am amazed that people have taken an interest in this effort. Over 1,000 hits in about nine days. I believe in my original post I mentioned that I hoped that maybe this blog would inspire other people to take better care of themselves a well and it seems that has been starting to happen. I also very much support the idea of posting any healthy recipes on this sire because we can all benefit from that.

To Jason- you were wise enough to pick up on the lack of exercise updates. If I was at good as adopting the exercise as I was the dieting I would be doing even better than I have already. Excuses are aplenty but I hate excuses. I need to get back on that horse because eventually diet alone will not sustain me- so feel free to continue calling me out on that!


3 Responses to Day 8 – You want my dinner!

  1. girlsgoneveggie says:

    I would ditch the Smart-Butter it is really not that good for any of us. You are doing a great job of getting your daughter involved in healthy eating. The picture you included up top reminded me of how important it is to get our kids to start thinking about their food choices. Even though I do not eat much animal protein anymore I still serve it to certain family members. Your dinner looks beautiful.

  2. onemanoneview says:

    Actually I really haven’t uses the Smart Butter for much of anything. Someone else on the blog suggested tat it was better than regular margarine. I used to put a pound of margarine on my white rice. Now I”m adapting to using brown rice and using the rest of the food as the flavoring for the rice.

    As to the picture at the top of the post I add dome of these as humor pointing out the ridiculousness of how we a a society have let ourselves fall away from health. I stand first in line as a guilty party there s evidenced by my need for this site.

  3. Tom says:

    Exercise is good. You probably didn’t realize that but now that you know get you a@@ moving!

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