Please Make Use of the Help I’m Receiving


When I started this blog I figured I’d just do the usual starve myself and try to exercise routins that has failed me so often before. The only thing that I anticipated being different was the potential for self-imposed public humiliation if I failed.

Instead of that anticipated outcome people have cared enough to take an interest in this blimp’s effort to deflate. As a result every day I have received good solid examples of how to change my dietary habits for the rest of my life. Based upon this information I can say that I have not gone hungry once in the first five days and I have actually had to force myself to eat a few times because I wasn’t hungry! Best of all is that I’m not eating tofu and curd. The food that I am eating is delicious and it isn’t rocket science to prepare.
What’s the point of the post you ask? The point is that I don’t want this information to be just for my benefit. If you choose to read this blog focus not just on what I write but rather more importantly on the comments on each post. You may benefit greatly, as I have, from the trick and tips of people who may have been where I am but have chosen to change. Please don’t waste this information! Even if it is just one or two tips you pick up and adopt it could benefit you for a lifetime!

To that end I am pasting into a comment for this post an email I just received.  Last night I was discussing with  Adam how difficult the good healthy breakfast was to prepare as I get up at 4am and have to get out of the door quickly. He was kind enough to provide me with information as to how I can prepare oatmeal and scrambled eggs in advance on a Sunday night so they are ready for fast and preparation each morning.

Please enjoy those bits of wisdom as well as all of the others posted here.


3 Responses to Please Make Use of the Help I’m Receiving

  1. onemanoneview says:


    Use old fashioned oats (best nutritional value)

    In a large pot, mix 3 cups of oats, and 6 cups of water. If you like cinnamon, you can add your cinnamon to the dry oats in the pot, and stir that around (1/2 – 1 tsp per serving). Then mix in the water.

    Cook this slowly on the stove top (I do this on an evening that I am around the house, Sunday is a good candidate – prep’ing for the week), stirring occasionally. When it gets toward boil you have to watch that you don’t lose it and have it boil over and make a mess. Sometimes you just have to slide it off the heat and let it settle.

    Once cooked to the consistency that you like, remove from heat. I can eat this same thing every day, so at this point I flavor it en-masse. I add two packets of splenda per serving, wall nuts, and raisins or craisins. (Depending where you are in your dieting, you want to skip the raisins or craisins if you are trying to keep sugars low.)

    Take 5 plastic bowls, tupperware type (or glass bowls that you have covers for), and dole out the contents of the pot into the 5 bowls, thus creating 5 servings for the week. Allow to cool to room temp, cover and refrigerate.

    One bowl per day is now an MRE (almost), in the fridge ready to go. You can bring oatmeal “back to life” easily by adding a little milk and stirring that to the desired pre warm-up consistency. This can be done at home or at work – even if you will heat-up and consume at work.

    Microwave for about 2 min’s and you have good-as made-fresh oatmeal.
    Now some people do not like to microwave food in plastic containers, supposedly there is some bad chemical in the plastic that comes out upon high heating. This is why I mentioned the glass bowls with covers – you can pick those up at Walmart.

    Alternative – Scrambled eggs, same en-masse principle:

    Into a large bowl, crack three eggs, but only allow the yoke from one to enter/stay-in the bowl. Repeat 5-6 times, for a total of 15-18 eggs; only one yoke for every three eggs.

    Add about 1 tbsp of low fat milk per serving (5-6 tbsp’s)

    Pepper to taste.

    Blend well with an electric mixer.

    Pour the mix into 5 separate glass bowls.

    Refrigerate, and take one bowl per day, with one piece of whole grain bread (to be toasted), for a good healthy breakfast at home or at work.

    At work/home, loosen the container lid, microwave for 3 min’s, stop and stir with a fork half-way through. Adjust the total cook time to the microwave’s power.
    In a glass bowl, you will be amazed how these come out just like scrambled eggs from the pan!!

    Also, a good cereal is Kashi GoLean Crunch. You can bring a serving in a plastic bowl, and milk in a separate container, to work and eat at your desk.

  2. Jason D says:

    It’s encouraging to read that. I hope you’re rewarded with speedy results, but remember it’s a marathon and not a sprint. Even at that, it’s a lifestyle change so the finish line keeps moving. As you’re discovering, the changes really can be enjoyable and eventually you will learn to miss them if you stray from it. If I get off my diet for just a few days and return back to easy, junk food style eating, I feel like garbage and can’t wait to get back to my healthier eating. Stay with it bro!

  3. Suzanne says:

    I do my oatmeal (regular not minute)daily … 1 minute or less to prepare and 2 minutes in the microwave. You have to experiment to get the right size bowl so it’s big enough that the oatmeal won’t spill over while cooking. Raisins and walnuts are my favorites too.
    A weeks worth of eggs can be hard boiled.
    I also knew a woman that baked five 3 oz. size potatoes every Sunday night … to be reheated at work! I would bring: a simple homemade chilli or cooked broccoli and 1 oz slice of cheese for the topping. Reheat everything in the microwave for a work lunch. Yum.
    Dessert could be a warm baked apple stuffed with raisins.
    How’s the daily exercise? You don’t mention it.
    Don’t give up on the salmon … the canned type is good too. Which reminds me, I use to bring an extra small can of tuna packed in water … drain it of course. I would eat it without mayo. Just another easy way to vary your protein.
    You are my role model! Good job Chet!

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