Day 4 – Stressful daytime – enjoyable nighttime


5:00 – 2 slices of 15 grain toast with a thin spread of peanut butter

7:15 – raw green beans and a banana

8:20 – Cashews

10:30 – Tangelo 12:00 I took the suggestion of someone here and last night I ran into Shaw’s and from the deli I got some sliced reduced sodium turkey breast. I had some slices of that just as it was and it was quite good. I would never had known that it was reduced sodium had I not bought it. With the turkey slices I also had some fresh strawberries and some grapes. The team got take-out Chinese which I did miss but how many calories in one of those combination platters compared to what I had?

2:00 – It may be early onset Alzheimer’s here but as I type this at 9:52 PM I can’t remember if I ate something then or not! I bring multiple options for my dining pleasure and usually write down what I eat but my list is devoid of an entry for that time so I’m thinking that I may have missed that one. It was a high stress day at work and I may simply be repressing memories of that time!

I think that the miserable, miserable day I had at work today was actually allowed a very positive result. Normally in these circumstances I would decide that I “deserved” a candy bar or two and any other number of snacks or whatever it took to make me happier. On this day I refused to walk down that path.

6:00 – For dinner we went to the home of some friends from Church. Dinner was perfect for my needs and included pork roast, a vegetable mix that included potatoes, sweet potatoes, carrots and parsnips, (think I got it all). In addition there was steamed broccoli. There was also homemade applesauce that is made without sugar. The food was great and I’d say that even if they weren’t going to see this blog posting! 🙂

What I did find with this dinner too was the value of a bit of self control where I normally would have none. There was a nice selection of appetizer type food prior to the meal which looked pretty darned healthy but I chose to pass as I was about to have dinner anyway. I also turned down an offer of beer which may be the first time in my life that I have ever done that! Dessert that was anything but healthy, (although quite delicious according to Deb), was offered but I declined. There was even a kind secondary offer of a “Skinny Cow” no fat- no sugar added dessert option but I also declined that as well as I was actually quite satisfied with dinner. Previous to this effort I would have selected “all of the above” for my dining options.

I’m a little worried as I head into my days off. My time is a lot less structured on those days so I could be subject to slacking on the effort. That is the beauty of this site inthat I am now accountable to more than just myself!

Well- tomorrow, (Sunday), is grocery shopping day. Any suggestions as to other things I can buy for some healthy eating in the upcoming week?

“I wonder how big of a meteor it would take…”, (inside joke for the dinner crowd).


3 Responses to Day 4 – Stressful daytime – enjoyable nighttime

  1. Suzanne says:

    Phone the Chinese Take Out place and see if they will give you the vegetables steamed, without the sauce. My restaurant has a great Buddah’s Delight (all veggies with the menu option of sauce or not. Ask … they can always say no. Ask for plain rice or noodles. Bring your low salt soy sauce to work and keep it at work. You might have Egg Fu Young (spelling ?)without the gravy. Isn’t that scrambled eggs? Ask how they prepare it. Don’t be shy. You are taking care of your needs and that is good!
    I have brought my dessert to friend’s dinners. I happen to like Plain Yogurt with fresh fruit or canned crushed pineapple or instant coffee and equal.
    If you are comfortable with phoning your friends ahead of time just ask what they are serving, they can set a side a portion of protein / veggies / starch / minus the sauces.
    Don’t worry needlessly about next week. Take one day at a time. One meal at a time. Remember “It’s not my food”.
    Good job Chet!

  2. Suzanne says:

    Re: Restaurant eating. Being an old Weight Watcher drop out, the lightbulb just flashed!
    Check this out … . This will head you in the right direction.

  3. Anonymous says:

    EMBRANCE HUNGER. Its the only way to loose weight.

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