Day 3 – I Hashed it Out with Bacon



4:00: Two slices of 15 grain toast with a thin coating of peanut butter

5:30: Banana

7:30: I stared bacon in the face until it averted its eyes! Before my weekly team meeting we went as a team to the cafeteria where I work. Before us was presented an all you could eat assortment of eggs, bacon, sausage, cheese, potatoes, toast, bagels, hash… did I mention hash? All paid for by my manager.

I must admit that just for a moment I hated the internet, and by default, this blog! I love a big breakfast especially when presented with hash and unrestrained portions of bacon! Thankfully there were other options available to me so I prepared myself a concoction that consisted of two boiled eggs topped with some grapes, pineapple, raisins, granola and for just a hint of color a dab of low fat strawberry yogurt. Did I mention that there was unlimited bacon and hash within easy reach of my appetite? Sigh…

Well- I have to say the breakfast was to die for. Very tasty and rich in early morning protein and we know that early morning protein does a body good! I tried to be self righteous with my fellow teammates breakfast selections but thankfully they don’t listen to what I say anyway!

9:40: Baggie of raw green beans

12:00: Did I mention that my team likes to eat? On Fridays we combine efforts to bring in all of our needs for a first rate lunch. Lately it has been a Mexican theme so today was Chicken Fajita’s with rice and beans. All you can eat and oh so delicious… for them! With the aroma of Mexican spices in the air I instead had a combination of baked turkey and baked chicken breast, (which I did use some of their hot sauce on). This was complimented quite nicely with some cashews and a very colorful side of raw red peppers.

2:00: Trying to fill that mid-afternoon gap I ate a baggie of grapes while chatting on the phone with my lovely bride. At the time I actually told her that I felt disgusting eating them because I was not at all hungry. Strange diet indeed where I don’t want to eat because I am stuffed!

Dinner presented a new challenge as it was the first time I had to try to adapt to a restaurant menu. It was date night and Deb and I were lucky enough to be able to go to an Italian restaurant called Pizzico. Normally this would have been bread, chicken parm or some type of sausage dish. They were kind enough to allow me to adapt their menu to me. The end result was angel hair pasta with garlic and olive oil, hot pepper, topped with sliced grilled chicken breast. I was so proud of my concoction that I used my camera phone to document its beauty- which confirmed to Debbie that I am indeed a bit weird. I think it’s just the protein talking! See photo below:

On the down side I am getting a pretty bad cold with a persistent cough. This was coming on before the diet and I have Nicole to blame- not that I’d point fingers. My doctor prescribed cough medicine with codeine for me. I asked the pharmacist if he had a low sodium, sugar free high protein version of this drug- he did not. Osco does not cater to recovering fatties! J

I’m actually going to try to head to bed early if possible because I feel like dog poo. Again- thanks for all of your support and critiques are always welcome.



5 Responses to Day 3 – I Hashed it Out with Bacon

  1. linda says:

    you are to be admired and applauded…………SAY,,WE ARE PROUD OF YOU!!!!!!!!!!!
    Why you are becoming an inspiration even in the Hubbard household!!!!!!

    Keep up the good work!!!!!!!

  2. RAD says:

    Awesome job! breakfast excellent- I know bacon is so yummy- but think of it as pure fat loaded with salt and nitrates that swell the cells!
    Lunch- mexican is actually not bad for you the chicken fahitas with veg in a wrap with rice and beams is probable ok it is the sour cream and chesses that will do it in. Rice and beans makes a complette protien again it is the toppings.
    Dinner is a challange and eating out tricky- have a salad for appetizer- it will fill you a bit- tell the waier not to bring the bread at all- then no letting it tempt you.
    Eat half of what ever you order or tell waiter to bag up half before it gets to the table.
    Add some veg to that pasta and chicken- pasta primavera without cheese sauce is good.
    Do you like fish? It is another good protien source.
    How about alcohol consumption?
    You are doing really well- life style change is hard.

  3. Cheryl says:

    Today was a true challenge for you and the willpower you’ve shown is a true testimony to how much you really want the prize. We have a similar pot-luck luncheon every Friday too. I always bring the healthy crock pot creations. At first everybody complained about the low-fat, low-sugar, low-taste food I brought for PL day but I always notice there’s never any food left to bring home. Excellent job with ordering while eating out. I always come up with my own creations for the chef. I’ve noticed one is now on the menu at my favorite diner. Keep up the great work… it is true that eating something every 2 hours actually keeps you full and less likely to over eat.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Chet … I don’t always practice what I preach, but here are a couple of tips that were given to me that have ALWAYS

  5. Anonymous says:

    woops … that wasn’t suppose to happen!

    … tips that were given to me that ALWAYS worked when I practiced them

    1. When looking at other peoples food choices say to yourself, “That’s not my food!” You might have to keep saying it but it’s true, it is not your food. You have planned and prepared ahead of time “your food”.

    2. When ordering in a restaurant just ask for what you need. They are ALWAYS very accomodating. Please, no gravy… salad dressing on the side… fresh fruit for dessert. You can even call ahead to a function coordinator ( Weddings for example)and ask if they serve low salt alternatives to the menu. Remember that there are people requesting gluten free / sugar free / vegetarian. You speak to the server when you arrive and they discretely bring you your meal.

    You are an inspiration!

    PS Did you exercise yesterday?

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