Preparation for D-Day (diet day)


I have bought, cut up and or peeled red peppers, fresh green beans, baby carrots, strawberries, tangelos, broccoli and grapes. I have portioned them all out in zip lock bags to make it easier for me to take to work. I have also stocked up on bananas as well.

I went to and bought what appears to be disgusting whey to put into protein drinks. GNC is a rip off and they try way too hard to up sell you! To add to that I also bought fat free milk. I have read that blending the milk, whey mix and either strawberries or a banana might make it somewhat palatable.

I also bought fat free yogurt that I have real issues with. Unless I mix it with cheese burgers I don’t know how I’ll eat that stuff. Any ideas?

All I know is that it is far more expensive to eat a healthy diet than what I am used to. I could have bought a couple of cases of Cheese-Its for what I paid for this stuff!

Weigh in is in a few hours. I caught the scale trying to make a break out the door but I got it back.

I’m prepared to be humbled.

Still wondering what I was thinking starting this site!


3 Responses to Preparation for D-Day (diet day)

  1. lifestartsnow says:

    ok, don’t know much about dieting but i think the calories you cut by drinking fat free milk are not worth it. about the jogurt – let that be. and instead, drink regular milk!

    it’s all a question of portion sizes. give your body the time to adjust and drink tea or water when you feel hungry. don’t forget the apple a day thing.
    and eat things you like! if you hate greens than it’s no use to stuff it in your diet because you will hate it soon enough. rather, smaller plates and smaller portions that eventually teach your body that it has eaten enough.

    good luck!

  2. Jason says:

    I hate going into GNC. I don’t buy my protein there anymore, I get it from I believe the Scivation whey is the most economical and I find the taste acceptable. It is a shame how much more expensive it can be to eat healthy, but still cheaper then eating out all the time.

    Preparing your meals in advance like you did is an excellent way to stay on track. Good job! Have you figured out how many calories per day you will be eating?

  3. linda says:

    Ready ———Set———–Go!!!!!!!!

    I know that you can do it!!!!
    In regards to the whey, Kris puts it in the blender with fresh fruit, milk and yogurt and says it isn’t bad as a smoothie, oh, and crushed ice too!!!!! Enjoy!!!!!
    Eat healthy, but also eat things you enjoy, in moderation until you are in full swing.
    P.S. I’m not answering the phone when you call in the next few days…………We will be GRUMPY!

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